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About Allegience Advisory Group (AAG)

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We are Allegiance Advisory Group (AAG), a Financial Advisory and Technology Consulting firm known for our deep industry experience and a results-driven platform. We define how to affect change by integrating strategy, process, technology, and operations. By doing this, we create and implement these changes in collaboration with our clients and business alliances to expedite and maximize clients’ performance.


AAG employees are experienced professionals who previously working in the GSEs, secondary mortgage market, Big 4 accounting firms, consulting firms, government and other large and medium sized businesses around the world.


AAG has specialized in crafting a strategic road map that identifies long-term objectives, as clear well-defined operational requirements that are extremely flexible to change based on the current environment. Our information delivery approach is critical to “telling the financial story” of our clients through a comprehensive financial markets architecture and detailed process model that span the range of needs from transaction and process inception through accounting and reporting.



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Providing clients with world-class financial and technology advisory services, solutions and capabilities.

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